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Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but a man's greatest treasure.


I am quite sure you have heard of the different cuts of diamonds.  Princess cut, Marquise, Pear, Emerald, Round, Cushion, etc.  But have you heard of the Goddess cut?  You probably haven't.  What is the Goddess cut?  You just happened to find it:  ME!  The Goddess cut is rare and found by a select few.  An even more extreme select few are chosen to worship, gaze upon, and care for such an uncommon crowned jewel.  The Goddess cut also describes my unique style of domination.  I am a highly sensual dominant with a penchant for teasing my subjects.  Also, I LOVE putting my hands on people which is why I am also an erotic masseuse.  Many may describe me as an adorable wallflower, but looks are severely deceiving, especially in my case!  I may be quiet as a mouse and have soft brown eyes, lustrous hair, and a gorgeous, photogenic smile as bright as sunshine, but do not let that fool you for even a tenth of a second.  My sweetness is the very thing that has men forever enthralled and on their knees begging for my rule over them.


Tease & Denial

Corporal Punishment (mild)

Foot/Shoe/Boot Worship



Sensual Touch

Financial Domination

Erotic Humiliation


Guided Bi Training Fantasy

Orgasm Control

Rope Bondage (light)


Facesitting/Smothering (non-nude)


Ass Worship (non-nude)

Nipple Torment


Note that my hard limits include blackmail, toilet training, latex/rubber, farting, poppers, mixed wrestling, scissoring, feminization, coerced intox, blood play, age play, ADBL, anything illegal, and anything I find just plain repulsive.  Please understand I am NOT a heavy player!  My primary focus is sensual domination which consists of mild to moderate play.  If you are looking for something more extreme, I can either refer you to a few Domme acquaintances or please click the banners below to find a Domme that suits your needs and fantasies.

THIS IS STRICTLY BDSM!  Domination is not prostitution, so do not expect any sex or GFE of any kind.  I am not an escort.

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